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Warrior Forge

Hi everyone!

My name is Thanh (pronounced like "tying"), and my boyfriend Mike is in his last year of Army ROTC. He is currently training for two months, AKA Warrior Forge in Ft. Lewis near Tacoma, Washington.

My question is if there is anyone who went through Warrior Forge before. If so, I had some questions, which include:

(1) How often could you make calls?
(2) Could you receive mail from home? If so, did they give you any time to read it?
(3) Did they feed you well over there?
(4) Is the training extremely extensive? He's got an injured foot from this past spring that he tried to heal before summer in hopes that he can still go through this training well, so I was worrying a bit.

As you can probably tell, I am very proud of him and miss him terribly already, wondering if he's okay. I want my cadet home ASAP. Thanks so much for your help!

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