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* .·¤°**°¤·Soliloquizing in joy.·¤°**°¤·.*

Active duty vs. Reserves

I was thinking about the future for my boyfriend. He has one more year left of ROTC and will be comissioned in the spring of 2006.

This is his situation: He is still debating whether or not he should go active duty or reserves. Our goal is to pick the option that would advance his career, of course, but also allow him to live near me and his family, which is in the midwest region near Kentucky, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Ohio, etc. He mentions that he is looking into going into Intelligence and/or Psychological Operations, although I am not familiar with these terms to be quite honest. I want to learn more.

What are some advantages and disadvantages of going reserves instead of active duty? And what are a cadets' chances of getting a base that is in the midwest region?
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