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A question...

Okay, so, I am not in the AROTC. I want to be, though. I have the scholarship application, and I'm wondering about the sports and other extra curriculars.

Are those deciding factors?

I was in Marching Band (Varsity sport,) but had to quit due to injury late in the season. I am looking into surgery for the knee I injured, so hopefully all goes well.

I've also been in Small Schools Initiative aswell, which is like an independent student government.

Should I look into more sports next school year? I really only play basketball, and I love Band. I tried Track & Field (throwing,) but I didn't like it. Any reccomendations? (I'm a girl, by the way.)

I have okay grades, I'm working on those. I'm also losing weight, and building up my strength.

Thanks in advance! (:
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